Friday, August 28, 2009

Random thoughts

The further we get from the 80s, the more I love the music.

I will probably never be able to enjoy a movie on anything less than a 90" screen now that we have our movie room.

I have not idea how people ever enjoyed a movie before IMDB was at their finger tips to help figure out from where we know random characters.

I love my new 56 & 60 degree wedges that my wife gave me for my birthday.

Can't wait to go to Estes Park over Labor Day weekend and hang with my family (but don't tell my mom or dad, it is a surprise for their anniversary).

My current favorites:
TV comedy--Psych
TV drama/action-- Generation Kill
Podcast-- The Dan Patrick Show
Movie-- I Love You, Man
Blog-- The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan
Song-- "You Make My Dreams" by Hall&Oates
Band-- Chickenfoot

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