Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Wendys(*)

Mark it in your calendars:  we only made it two weeks into December before my wife and I opened all of our Christmas presents.

Man, I love being my own boss.

Usually we observe our own version of Hanukkuh, opening a present here or there until they are all opened, which is usually 2-3 days before Christmas.  But this year, we couldn't help ourselves and we opened them all up tonight after a lovely dinner at Chili's.

Our problem stems from the fact that in the 5 years we've been married, we've never celebrated Christmas Day in our own house, we've always been at my parent's house.  So we figure, we're going to have to open them early anyway, why not open them 10 days before Christmas?

This year, I received the following:

  • A blue Titleist golf hat with a Creighton Univ. mascot logo (I've wanted one for as long as we've been out here)
  • Tiger Woods Golf '09 for the PS2 (I've only played it once, but I haven't been able to find any mistresses yet.  Do I need cheat codes?  Does anyone know?)
  • Four golf polo shirts (all from the Goodwill, all "retro" looking, and all with random golf logos on the breast, and none costing more than $3, which is the only way to buy them, IMHO)
  • An gift card (Foo Fighters Greatest Hits mp3 here I come)
  • A new seat for my drum kit (which I'll have to return as it has a 200 lb weight limit, which I exceed ..... just barely)
  • A driver head cover -- Callaway with a red/white/black pom-pom on the top (I've been wanting a pom-pom head cover for years)
  • A Creighton Univ. mascot logo golf towel (awesome)
So I basically cleaned house and got everything an amateur golfer could could need to be badass on the course.

My wife received:
  • "Six Feet Under" the complete series
  • A 2010 calendar that I created on that contains pictures from the past year
  • A Vera Bradley tech case
  • A camera bag for our new camera
  • A carry-on luggage bag that matches her travel suitcase
  • A "power inverter" which will allow her to plug her laptop into the cigarette lighter so she can watch movies on road trips
Her presents seemed to have made her quite happy (especially the "SFU" series as she's run out of tv/movies to watch at night in bed), and I managed to surprise her with a few of the gifts.

So, while we may be unorthodox in our gift giving, at least we gave them to each other in December.  That's good, right?  Right? 

* For the three people who read this who are not my wife, bro-in-law, or sister, "Wendy" is what many too many people think our last name is when they hear it on the phone.  


  1. cheater!!!

    So you are going to be out here when?

  2. The SFU might be the best gift I have ever gotten. Or, it might be second behind the Sex and the City Series on DVD. Either way, I love all my gifts. Thanks a ton. -Rach