Monday, February 22, 2010

The Skyline Surrender

Today, I bought the latest EP, "This is Character", from The Skyline Surrender, on  While TSS's genre of music (metal/hardcore) isn't one of my favorites, I did want to support a Colorado band with which I have a connection, as I went to college with their vox (I'm pretty sure they're not called "singers" in the scream/hardcore metal scene, and vocalist seems to "operatic") Anthony Archuleta -- far left in the above picture.

From their MySpace page, it seems that their touring schedule is looking good this spring, with stops in Wyoming, California, Kansas, and Colorado (and possibly making it out to Omaha this summer, which would be awesome).

I'm torn between being filled with pride (from personally knowing someone whose music is on iTunes/Amazon) and jealousy.  I'm jealous because these guys are grinding out one of the dreams I have, but have not had the guts/time/energy to pursue, being in a touring band.  But, as with all dream jobs, being in a touring rock band takes much more work than I think I could ever commit to, as TSS's bassist Jinji Thompson explains in this Westwood interview.
Going on tour requires a lot; you have to get the bus and the merch together, and all of us have to take time off of whatever day jobs we're doing right now. We've gone through different booking agents that haven't worked out. We haven't quite found our break yet. There's just been a lot of drama. [Laughs.] We always say we're the cursed band of Denver.
So, I hope Archie and the boys enjoy great success this spring and that their fan-base grows exponentially (for which I'll take much of the credit).

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