Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Current Likes

Netflix Favorites

Big Bang Theory
Great, witty, smart, and consistantly funny.  We're working our way through Season 1 and we have not been disappointed.

Project Runway Season 5
I've always loved this show, and is one of my guilty pleasures.  This show, along with Top Chef, is consistantly entertaining and creative.  I love seeing what twists and wrenches the producers throw at the contestants.  And, as Tim Gunn says, "Make it work."

The Ultimate Fighter Series
I've just finished season 8 (I think) and am currently working my way through Season 2.  While I'm more of a lover and not a fighter, I love seeing these men compete in the octagon.  I love the mixture of martial arts, wrestling, kick boxing, boxing, and jui jitsu.  Great show.

Network Television

Modern Family
I've thoroughly enjoyed this show.  It is a nice return of the situational comedy.  The characters are great, especially the "traditional" dad Phil.  I love how he fails at trying to be hip.  And the gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, have such great banter back and forth.  Their trip to the Sams Club knockoff was hilarious.  This is a show I hope sticks around for a couple more seasons.

Shark Tank

The Denver Broncos
Who in the world would have thought that the Broncos would be 6-0?  Not me.  I had written them off after their preseason performance.  Josh McDaniels is a phenom.  The offense, led by Kyle Orton, has been consistant.  He has a plethora of weapons at his disposal including Marshall, Royal, Stokley, Scheffler, Graham, and Moreno.  And the defense has been amazing, considering they only have 3 returning starters.  Dumervil, Bailey, and Dawkins have been machines for the D.  While I'm not expecting them to go undefeated this season, as it is so difficult these days, I hope they can continue to improve and take this early success through the post season


I've gone through a 90s alt-rock revival in my music taste.  These are some of my favorite songs of the era.

Loser by Beck
Zombie by The Cranberries
One by Creed
Alive by Pearl Jam
Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three
Two Princes by Spin Doctors
She Talks to Angles by The Black Crows


President Obama's Justice Department's decision to not prosecute medical marijuana users and distributors when they follow state laws that allow its use.  I hope this nod toward federalism continues.

And that about covers this category.


Snapping Daily
My little sister started a blog where she has challenged herself to "take at least one new photograph every day" and share it at her blog.  She is my photography (and all around art) hero.  I love her blog and check it daily to see what great picture she has taken.  I also love how she gives a short photography lesson with each of her posts.  And the links she adds to each of her posts are always excellent.

Looking Forward

Saw VI
My wife and I have gone to see the latest Saw movie every year we've been married.  We enjoy a little scare during the Halloween season, and Saw is the best of the best in the horror genre.


  1. Holler, thanks for the shout out!

  2. Can't wait to see Saw this weekend. Good thing we are going on Friday so that I have time to recover by Sunday night when I need to be able to sleep again. Going to be a wicked good time.

  3. Your sisters blog is very good, and if it got into the right hands could be or lead her to some full-time photography gig.

  4. Saw was exactly what I expected. I grow to love the franchise more each year, but felt a sense of finality in this one, so we will have to see if our tradition lives on next year or not. -Rach