Saturday, October 3, 2009

Music, Podcasts, and Television



The Office: As usual, the first few episodes have been in the B-B+ range as they set up the plot lines for the season, but I'm certain they'll be in A+ territory, so long as they don't go crazy with Jim and Pam's wedding.

It's Always Sunny: The first epsiode (I'm usually a few weeks behind since I watch it online) was and A- and it looks like The Gang is as wacky as usual.

Psych: Sean and Gus continue to slay me with their witty bantering as they continue to fool the SBPD and solve crimes with their heightened sense of observation.

Other must sees: Parks and Rec, Family Guy, and House


Glee: The wife and I are very much enjoying this show. While the plot is fairly weak, the musical numbers are excellent, as evidenced by the downloading of the MP3s of their musical numbers each week.

Flashforward: While only one episode has aired, the concept is phenomenal. I just hope the melodramatic acting and the possibility of the wacky plot lines doesn't derail this up and comer.

Community: This show should be a nice closer to an SNL/Office/Parks and Rec lineup on Thursday nights. While it is not nearly as funny as 30 Rock, it should keep me on NBC (even though I'm pissed about the cancelation of LIFE and the addition of the Jay Leno talk show at 9:00)

Shark Tank: I love, love, LOVE this show. The concept is brilliant. Each episode a handful of entrepreneurs present their product to a group of 5 venture capitalists, with the hope that one or more of the venture capitalists, aka The Sharks, will make an investment in their company. I love seeing the different products and services these start-up entrepreneurs have created. I especially love when a few of the Sharks start throwing around counter-offers. This show is the prefect primer course for young entrepreneurs. If a person wants their business to grow, they must be able to convince their investors that their service or product is worth the risk of an investment. I highly recommend this show.


"Hope for the Hopeless" by Brett Dennen: my sister and I saw Brett when he opened for OAR this summer. If you've never experienced Brett sing, picture Conan O'Brian singing Bob Marley and you'll get the idea. Great album.

"9-25-2009 Principal Park Concert" by the Dave Matthews Band: this taping of the concert that my cousins and I attended is of solid quality. They played an amazing set list. They played the classics Crush and Rapunzel (my favorites), as well as, Ants, Too Much, Crash, and So Much To Say. They also played the best of their new album, including Seven, Funny, Why I Am, Aligator Pie, and Shake Me. They also covered Burning Down the House, which sealed the deal for me, as I've decided a concert isn't successful without a cover.

"Permanent Waves" by Rush: Why I'm so late to the Rush bandwagon is beyond me, but I'd blame it on my ignorance that The Spirit of Radio and Freewill were Rush songs. The rest of the album is interesting and good back ground music while I'm at work.


I'm still enjoying The Dan Patrick Show and the Bob and Tom show, with some Mike Rosen and Tom Martino sprinkled in throughout the day.

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  1. Although you seem to enjoy Community, do you honestly believe you like it because it is seriously funny and well written, or do you simply like it because it follows The Office and it just makes sense to like it?

    I think NBC already has Parks and The Office, which are essentially the same show with exactly the same look, so do they really need a third show which is an exact replica of the other two? I can only get behind so many of the same thing being shown with a different title and calling it a new program. I give Community an F.