Friday, October 30, 2009

Rating System

I've had some really decent traffic the past couple of weeks (10-20 unique visitors a week), but most people have not made comments.  So, I've decided to put a rating system at the bottom of each post.

If you would prefer not to comment (or the post was too dry/dull/boring/unstimulating to deserve a comment), I'd appreciate your honest feedback in the form of a "Star Rating".  As far as I know, it is completely anonymous, so feel free to vote early and vote often.

It is my hope to get a better feel for my audience so that I will know what stories/reviews/posts people enjoy and which ones are flops.  (And I'd appreciate feedback on past posts as well, if you have the time to backtrack through my archives).

Thanks for your assistance in this little blog experiment.

UPDATE:  Speaking of traffic, last night after publishing my "Live from Nowhere in Particular", I received a bump in traffic from visitors from across the globe.  I was surprised to see the following locations in my Sitemeter update:  Quebec, Canada; New Delhi, India; Tokyo, Japan; Seremban, Malaysia; Singapore; Auckland, New Zealand; and Egypt.  I was completely puzzeled as to how these people found my site, so I looked for the referral page and all of these visitors came from a site called Alpha Inventions.  After some research, I discovered that this site is a kind of blog-feed that gives readers a glimpse of recently updated blogs.  It is an interesting concept, and it gave me a nice jump in traffic, but it doubt any of these visitors will be back.