Thursday, January 21, 2010

Etch-A-Sketched in our Minds

Joe Posnanski has an amusing post about Infomercials.  Along the way, he takes a detour and lists the five moments that stand out "so much that I know precisely where I was and what I was feeling when I heard the news."  Here are mine:

1.  September 11, 2001(While in Junior College, I had just stepped out of the shower, and was getting ready for class when my roommate/cousin Brian told me to come watch the TV.  I sat down, and we watched the second plane fly crash into the Towers live.  Also, it should be noted, September 11th is my birthday.  It was one of the most impacting events of my life.)
2.  The Columbine shooting (In class in high school--kind of a blur, but the days following are much more vivid in my mind)
3.  The Denver Bronco's first Super Bowl victory & the Elway Mid-Air Spin (watching with the family at Dawn and John's house)
4.  The OJ Simpson verdict (in junior high social studies class, they wheeled in a tv to watch the verdict live)
5.  Micheal Jordan pushing off Bryon Russell and hitting the game winning shot over the Utah Jazz, thereby ruining John Stockton and Karl Malone's best chance at winning an NBA title. (at home, and boy was I bummed).

So, what are the 5 memories etched into your mind?

(UPDATE:  Dad's memories made me want to add in the where I was in these situations)


  1. Events etched in my mind:
    1. JFK assassination
    2. Apollo 11, 1st men landing and then walking on the moon
    3. Notification that my grandfather had died
    4. Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
    5. September 11, 2001

  2. events I remember-;
    -JFK- playing on merry-go-round at park school when Danny Mason came running up" the presidents been shot"
    -watched the moon landing on TV
    -being picked up at school and taken home by Peewee Jones and told Randy had been killed in Vietnam [most everything else about that time is kind of a blur]
    -Columbine, Challenger, Paine Stewart, all these were on news on KOA while delivering mail
    -Dr Vibber coming in to collect school's mail and saying "did you hear about the plane that flew into the world trade center ?" and waiting for the punch line for the joke

  3. No specific order--
    1. The day my parents told us they were getting a divorce. I was facing east in the house. We were sitting on the floor. Mom was sitting in a chair in the living room. Don't remember where Dad was. Mom said he bailed half way through and went for a drive.

    2. Challenger Shuttle--in homeroom class when it happened. 7th grade.

    3. When my mother's boyfriend of 10 years froze to death after passing out drunk. I was a junior in high school. My sister's boyfriend's dad was the cop assigned to come tell us. Did not know it was us until he pulled up to the house. I specifically remember refusing to cry for several days.

    4. September 11. I was sleeping in after working a late night with the young adult group. Friends called that were without television and asked if they come over and see the coverage. I thought they were joking. Someone in our bible study had wanted us to pray for our country because he had some feeling that some national crisis was coming, but he didn't know what. That was about 10 hours before it happened.

    5. Strangely, the conflict with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians ending in fire. I was in college in a sociology of religion class discussing cults. Three of us in our class of 12 saw it come on tv around the lunch hour. I remember thinking the crazy people probably got what they deserved. Other people were very upset at feeling the government not knowing what they were doing.


  4. 1. The moon walk. Dad got us all out of bed. He kept saying "watch this, we are seeing history." I was laying on the couch with my head on my moms lap.
    2. Elvis death. I was driving west on Hampden Ave. Almost to the light on University Blvd. listening to the radio.
    3. Chalanger exploding. Standing in front of the tv in the living room.
    4. Princess Dianas death. Watching late night tv in the living room.
    5. September 11. Clair was doing her hair in the bathroom, I was standing at the foot of the bed watching the tv when the second plane hit. Annette

  5. Eric, I read that blog this morning. Its a good one. I loved her memories of that hockey game. I do remember it, and the emotion and pride of that moment. It was a good memory. Mom

  6. Olympic memories are comming up with the winter olympics about to begin.
    1. Nadia- the first perfect 10 in gymnastics.
    2. Whats-her-name breaking her ankel on the vault and getting carried by her coach after.
    3.America winning the hockey (above).
    4. The american bouycot of the olympics.
    5.Dorothy Hammel and her trend setting hair.

  7. I liked that Roger had put where he was, so I will too..
    1. JFK assassination, 6h grade, Peabody Elementary. Mr. Finley the principal came into the room and told us.
    2.Apollo 11, First men walking and then landing on the room, Dad always had us watch these historic moments saying, Girls, watch this, we are seeing history in the making. I was sitting on the floor.
    3.Notification that my grandfather had died, I was at Colorado State University 3rd floor phone at the sorority house when Mom called and told me.
    4.Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion, watching the launching of the shuttle on tv, Dad always said it was important. If they are televised I still watch them.
    5.September 11, 2001, getting ready for work, listening to KMPS, and getting the first reports then turning on the tv, and seeing the second plane go into the second tower. Sara and Dan lived close by, but Ruthie was with Wycliffe Bible Translators somewhere in the jungle of Peru. For the next week planes were not flying. From where I lived I would sit on my deck and watch the sunset and the planes land at SeaTac Airport. The skies were quiet then it was unsettling. When driving by the airport to see friends and the airplanes were all parked this was a vivid reminder of what had happened. Linda