Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nate Fowler

A while back, while surfing through Twitter, I stumbled upon a musician named Nate Fowler.  He's an up and coming artist whose music reminds me of Mat Kearney.  After following him for a while, I discovered that he is very active in communicating with his followers.  After I initially started following me, he sent me a direct message (Twitter term for email) thanking me for supporting him.  Sure, it a self-promoting message, but it carried with it a personal touch that I'd only received from two other Twitter-celebrities that I follow (golfer John Daly usually responds back to Tweets I send to him, as does one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah K).

I mainly use Twitter to correspond with my wife, mom, and sister, as well as finding a good laugh or two from the comedians I follow.  I also follow a couple of political figures and bloggers, which keeps me up to date on any movement in the sphere of politics. 

Any aspiring artists would be wise to follow Nate's lead in interacting with potential fans via social media.  Earlier this week, Nate tweeted that if someone leaves a review of his recent EP on iTunes, he would send them the mp3s of the EP.  Sure enough, I let him know I left a review and a day later, he'd sent me the mp3s, free of charge.  What a great way to connect with fans and spread his name and music.

The guy is a class act and I hope he swings out to the Midwest in the near future so I can catch his show live (he's currently based out of Boise, so his tour schedule is currently focused on the Rocky Mountain states and the Pacific northwest).

So, if you're looking for an addition to your jam/chill/modern rock collection, this EP will fit nicely.

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  1. Sounds like my cup of tea. I'll have to check him out!