Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol -- Top 16 -- Fellas

Wishes-He-Was-Jeff-Probst tells us that “This……… American Idol” after creepily announcing the male contestant names.
“Grungy-Musician” Lee is singing “Fireflies” (apparently by Owl City who I’ve never heard of but googled) on his guitar.  It’s a modern song, which suits him.  But I’m not sure that this is the version to sing the week before the Top 12.  The vocals are nice, but I’d have liked a stronger song musically (something the band could jam out to while he wails away on his guitar and rips the vocals).  I could see him singing a DMB song (something off their new album) later in the competition.  It would be awesome.  (Also, I use the term “grungy” not as in “dirty” but in “unpolished” or “raw”.)

“Mullet-Hair” Alex is singing Ray Lamontagne’s “Trouble” while strumming his guitar.  His voice suits the song well.  Boring, but this kind of song is in his wheel house and should keep him around a few more weeks.  It won’t win him the competition, but it should put him to the Top 12.

“Teen Beat” Tim is singing “Hallelujah” (which has been covered by so many acoustic guitarists that the original artist is now unknown, similar to how no one knows who originally drew the awesome “S” that everyone drew on their notebook in junior high).  He sang it well.  I was bored and I won’t remember he sang it in two weeks.  He should make it to the Top 12.  
(ASIDE:  I believe that “Teen Beat” Tim may be the contestant that certifies into law ALOTT5MA’s “Grand Unified Theory of Idol, #2”.  The theory suggests the following:  
Whoever you think is the best singer during the round of 24, or who seems most fully-formed as an artist will not win American Idol. The winner of American Idol will be the singer who demonstrates the most development as an artist during the competition, and over whom the audience can claim more ownership and from whom they will derive more satisfaction as the competition progresses.  
 I think “Teen Beat” Tim is going to be a force to be reckoned as the competition moves along because he seems to be improving week by week and he has a good look to him, which the judges/producers love.)

“Chubby Guy with Drew Carey Glasses” Andrew is singing Christina’s “Genie in a Bottle” with his guitar and without the backing of the band.  It would seem that he is going back to the “Popular Teen Girl Songs from the ‘80s & ‘90s” well a little too often and that well is running dry.  This was the kind of song that will lose him fans.  No one will remember this in a few days.  Nothing special.  

(ASIDE:  Coincidentally, Andrew is the guy who will help Tim prove the above theory, because three weeks ago, he was already presumed to be in the Top 2 with Crystal.  He has been tracking downhill ever since.  He peaked too early.)

“Goat-Boy” Casey is singing Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me” with his guitar (I’m sensing a theme tonight).  While I don’t particularly care for Casey, he has a knack for picking the right song, and this song is a good one for him.  Except when he has to hold a note for longer than two beats, and then he goes lives up to his nickname.  (Seriously?  No singing coach can help him get rid of that?)

“Youngster” Aaron is singing a Lonestar song (“I’m Already There” I find out later).  And not well.  Yikes.  This guy has got to go.  He obviously has a large tween-girl following, because I can’t figure out why he continues to hang around.  Odd.  

(ASIDE:  The large tween-girl following –which leads to large texting profits – might explain why Simon is constantly praising the guy, week after week.  Simon has said he’s not a huge fan of his voice.  So why keep the kid around, except for ratings and voting?)

“Dancer” Todrick is singing “Somebody to Love” by Queen.  And he’s off key from the start.  He doesn’t have the range (or voice, for that matter) for a Freddie Mercury song.  And the background singers are not helping him out.  He isn’t really singing it as much as talking the words.  Horrible song choice that proves he doesn’t know who he wants to be “as an artist” (as the judges are so fond of saying).  He might go home.

“Big” Mike is singing “This Woman’s Work” by artist unknown, and is making weird noises at the beginning of the song.  Looks like he’s trying to fill the R&B void this season since Todrick won’t go near R&B with a 20-foot pole.  He’s a really poor man’s Ruben Studdard.  

(ASIDE:  maybe my bias against Mike and R&B in general is clouding my judgment, but the judges/producers must really, REALLY need Big Mike to stick around BECAUSE KARA IS (probably fake) CRYING AFTER THE SONG!!!!!!!!!  SHE’S STILL (fake) CRYING AS SIMON GIVES HIS GLOWING CRITIQUE!!!!!!!  In the words of Joe Schmoe, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!”  Such an odd chain of fake events.)

I’d rank them:
Lee (I’m biased, what can I say.  Also, everyone else was boring or weird.)
Tim (The fact that the “Vote For the Worst” has been supporting Tim, but is now thinking of picking someone new to support should tell you how much improvement he’s been showing.)
Todrick and Aaron (should) go home tomorrow.

And the judges were insufferable tonight.  INSUFFERABLE!!!

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  1. "This Woman's Work" is one of my favorite songs. I have the Kate Bush version on my ipod, if you ever gave my song selection a chance, and it is a favorite. However, I cannot imagine Big Mike doing the Kate Bush version of that song, so I have to wonder if another artist has also done that song. I might have to break down and actually watch his performance on YouTube in order to find out.