Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday

Today is Eric’s birthday.  He is turning 29.  In the grand spirit of celebration, please enjoy a few memories of Eric’s 28th year.

Eric turned 28 in September of last year.  That same month, his cousins traveled from Denver to visit him.  

In October, Eric’s dad and sister came to visit.   

In November, Eric competed in his Movember challenge.   

In December, we went home to Fowler for Christmas.   

Eric’s mom always makes Christmas such a blast.

We have been in Omaha since 2008 while I attend law school.  Because we were in Omaha in January, that meant we lived our lives under three feet of snow.  Eric was in charge of snow removal, and after more snow shoveling than one man could stomach, he bought himself a snow blower.  I believe he would say this was his best purchase in 2010.

While all that snow stuck around, Eric decided to take advantage of it.

My family came to visit us in April.  We all drove to Sioux City, IA to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday.  Eric looked especially fun in the sombrero. 

I am not exactly sure what month Eric began collecting baseball cards, but I know it happened.  Eric truly loves the hunt and getting a great deal.   

Eric loves our sweet dog Brodie and likes to entertain him as much as possible. 

We decided to spend our last summer in Omaha exploring everything the town had to offer.  

We spent time in Fowler for Eric's 10 year high school reunion.

We also went to Mt. Rushmore.

Happy Birthday, Pal.  I hope your 29th year is as full as your 28th.

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