Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mail Bag

A few recent arrivals.

I added my fifth 1/1 card to my collection recently.  This one is a 2007 Bowman Chrome Yellow Printing Plate.  This is my favorite printing plate because it's the only one I have where the card picture is the mirror image of the regular cards.  The other "printing plate" cards that I own have the same picture as the regular cards, which makes me think they weren't actually used in the making of the other cards. 

I bought these two cards together (along with a duplicate red jersey card, for a total of 3 cards in the lot).  I was excited to get both jersey colors at the same time.  They are both 2004 SP Prospects National Honors Jersey cards.  These cards are the oldest jersey cards that I own. 

This final card is a 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Aspirations card which is serial numbered 31/100.  It is hard to see from the scans, but this card is die-cut, which chunks cut out of each side in the shape of the background pattern.  This is the only die-cut card in my collection so far.

With these additions, my collection is now at 111 cards.  I'm getting there slowly but surely.  (I agree, but quit calling me Shirley!)

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