Sunday, August 15, 2010

Omaha Metro Golf Championship -- Day Two

Yesterday I was bumming after shooting an uninspiring 92 on a golf course that is, all things considered, not very tough.  Of all the courses I've played in Omaha, I would say this course is one of the easiest. 

Because I posted such a lousy score yesterday, I was basically out of contention for prize money, as only the top eight places get paid (more on that in a moment).  I entered day two of the tournament tied for 19th place (out of 26 players).  So, I entered day two with two main goals -- post a lower score than yesterday and win day money.  "Day money" is paid to the lowest three scores of the day of the people that are 9th place and lower.

DAY TWO GOAL 1)  Post a lower score than yesterday.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Today I shot an 80.  That's right, I improved by 12 strokes.  Today I played golf.  Today I kept the ball in play (except for one errant tee shot that found the water).  Today I putted well.  Today I played to my handicap.  Today I posted the lowest score in my flight.  Today was great.

I started the day on the back nine holes.  I had 5 bogeys, 3 pars, and 1 birdie on the back nine holes for a score of 40.  I followed my game plan.  This nine holes was how I typically play golf.  The front nine holes was similar, with 5 pars, 3 bogeys, and one double bogey when I hit my tee shot into a water hazard.  That one hole was my only "blow up" hole of the round and, relatively speaking, it wasn't too bad.  I shot a 40 on the front nine holes for a total score of 80.  Not too shabby.

DAY TWO GOAL 2)  Earn day money. 

My total score for the two days was 172, which moved me from a tie for 19th place to 11th place, which was not enough to earn prize money, but did earn me day money.  Which brings me to a point of contention with the way this tournament was structured, in that the prize money was pretty lousy.

Last year I was annoyed with the way they flighted the lower flights.  Last year there were too many low handicapped players in the bottom flight.  It didn't seem fair too me.  This year, they did a better job of placing players in our flight, as most everyone shot in the mid-80s.

With that said, I was quite disappointed in the prizes.  The players who finished in the first four spots received Callaway golf gift cards instead of cash (1st place received $250, 2nd received $150, 3rd $100, and 4th $50), while places five through eight (and the three day money winners) each received a certificate for a complimentary round of golf at the course for two people.  Now I'm not certain what a round of golf for two people costs at the Council Bluffs Country Club, but it couldn't be more than $60, which puts the prize money for our flight (and the three middle flights) around $900.  Yet each flight brought in over $3000 in entry fees.  Only the first and second place finishers received their entry fee back.  The math just doesn't seem right to me.

So, after two days of golf, only two players (out of 26) in my flight are home tonight with a profit.  That's not a very good way to run a tourney in my opinion.

But I am happy with how I performed today.  So I have that going for me.

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