Monday, November 30, 2009

Channel 8's Newest Mid-Day Anchor

Introducing Channel 8's newest mid-day news anchor, Lloyd Andrews.  Born and raised on a dairy farm in Fremont, Nebraska, Lloyd grew up with a dream of one day anchoring the CBS Evening News, and he is now one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

A graduate of Hofstadter University's communications department, Lloyd has always had a passion for seeking the truth.  As a youngster, the citizens of Fremont came to know Lloyd as the youngest editor of the Fremont County Harold-Gazette, as well as the winner of the Tri-County Fair's Photo Essay Journalist of the Year three years running (1995-97).

Mr. Andrews is husband to beauty salon owner Angela and father to daughter Helen, age 10, and twin sons Sheldon and Lester, age 7.  The family also owns two dogs, a cat, and a turtle, as well as a small herd of alpacas on the family farm.

Lloyd and his family are very active in the community.  Lloyd sits on the board of directors for the Cedar Creek Golf & Shooting Club.  His family is also active with the local 4-H club and with their church.  Lloyd was also a member of the school board, before term limits forced him to step down.

Lloyd Andrews is also a founding member of Team Morthern Colorado during the month of Movember.  This year, his team raised over $600 and had over 25 members growing Mo's.  MoBro Eric Lundy lead the team with over $250 raised.  (Any last minute donations are of course accepted by going HERE).

Team Morthern Colorado would like to thank our family and friends for their support during this event.  Our goal is to change the face of men's health, and I truly believe we did.

Stay classy Morthern Colorado.  Stay classy.

UPDATE:  Team Morthern Colorado has now raised $666.  If anyone would care to donate a buck, we'd sure appreciate it.  We'd hate to end Movember on such an "unlucky" number.  Thanks.