Sunday, November 22, 2009

Now I'm convinced

Al Gore made a cameo on one skit and had a sit down with Seth Myers on Weekend Update on SNL last night.  The guy is fairly funny, but most politicians are.  And, most of them get some great writers when they are on the show because they are playing to a mostly sympathetic audience.

During weekend update, Al had some good lines (the popular vote being the only one that he pays attention to, for example) and took a couple of funny shots at NBC.  But, his bit on his needing to start acting crazy so that politicians can understand how dire global warming climate change the climate crisis is was not very well written, nor was it funny.

I kind of feel sorry for the guy.  He worked really hard to drum up enough fear of global warming climate change the climate crisis, and along the way won an Oscar and  Nobel Peace Prize (?!?!).  He even has a congress and president who are sympathetic to his cause.  And still, not enough government interference into the day to day lives of US citizens is occurring for his liking.  Well, it is occurring (think bailouts and health care), just not in his chosen field.  So he's relegated to peddling his newest book on a late night comedy show.

Here is his segment on SNL last night.  I'd give him a B+ for his delivery, and an F- for the material.

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