Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 10 List

Here are my favorite bands/artists (and my favorite song(s) they perform) separated into genres.

ROCK (Top 20- as it is my favorite genre)
Van Halen -- 1) Right Now 2) Finish What Ya Started 3) Love Walks In 4) 5150 5)Best of Both Worlds
AC/DC -- Thunderstruck
The Beatles -- Drive My Car
Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion
Led Zepplin -- Ramble On
Pink Floyd -- Wish You Were Here
CCR -- Fortunate Son
Def Leppard -- Armageddon It
Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Free Bird
ZZ Top -- La Grange
Rolling Stones -- Honkey Tonk Woman
Journey -- Faithfully
Beach Boys -- God Only Knows
Queen -- Fat Bottomed Girls
Steve Miller Band -- The Joker
Jimi Hendrix -- The Wind Cries Mary
The Eagles -- Hotel California
Elton John -- Your Song
U2 -- Sweetest Thing
The Band -- The Weight

Modern/Alternative Rock
Dave Matthews Band -- 1) Crush 2) Rapunzel 3) Grey Street 4) All Along the Watchtower 5) You & Me
O.A.R. -- Crazy Game of Poker
Foo Fighters -- My Hero
Matchbox 20 -- Damn
Creed -- One
Mat Kearney -- Undeniable
Hootie & the Blowfish -- Let Her Cry
John Mayer/John Mayer Trio -- Who Did You Think I Was?
Jason Mraz -- Live High
Limp Bizkit -- Break Stuff

Carrie Underwood -- 1) So Small 2) Last Name 3) Starts with Goodbye 4)I Just Can't Live a Lie 5) Play On
Garth Brooks -- Rodeo
Chris Ledoux -- Copenhagen
Johnny Cash -- Get Rhythm
George Straight -- The Chair
Reba McEntire  -- Fancy
Alan Jackson -- I Don't Even Know Your Name
Kenny Rogers -- The Gambler
Toby Keith -- Getcha Some
Hank Williams, Jr. -- Family Tradition

Kelly Clarkson - 1)Walk Away 2)Breakaway 3)Already Gone 4)The Trouble w/ Love 5)Behind Hazel Eyes 
Justin Timberlake -- Chop Me Up
Pink -- Sober
Kenny Loggins -- I'm Alright
Whitney Houston -- I Wanna Dance with Somebody
Adelle -- Hometown Glory
Beyonce -- Crazy In Love
Micheal Jackson -- Billie Jean
Maria Carey -- Always Be My Baby
Leona Lewis -- I Will Be

Eminem -- 1) Lose Yourself 2) My Band 3) Stan 4) Sing for the Moment 5) My Name Is
Dr. Dre -- Forgot about Dre
50 Cent -- In Da Club
Jay-Z -- I Just Wanna Luv U
Notorious B.I.G. -- Mo Money Mo Problems
Puff Daddy -- It's All About the Benjamins
Nelly -- Country Grammar
LL Cool J -- Mama Said Knock You Out
Mary J. Blige -- Family Afair
Flo Rida -- Low

Jim Gaffigan -- 1) Bacon 2) Bed 3) Hot Pockets 4) Bowling 5) Camping 
Brian Regan -- Stupid in School
Daniel Tosh -- I Heart Dave
Jon Heffron -- Performance Review
Bill Engval -- I Love Golf
Louis CK -- I Enjoy Being White
Mike Birbiglia -- Whatever You Are, Be a Goodone
Bill Cosby -- Noah
Christian Finnegan -- Purple Shorts


  1. I can only really comment on your Country section, as that is pretty much all I have any authority. I agree with all of your picks except Carrie Underwood. I love her, but I am not sure she is the same calibur as your other picks. I do have believe you overlooked Alabama, Brooks and Dunn, Shania Twain, The Judds, and Dolly Parton. Where would we be without Dolly?

    Great list and very fun to explore. -Rach

  2. I know, I can't believe I left off Brooks and Dunn. But this list was not a "most talented" or "best of" list, it was a list of my favorites, and Carrie Underwood is my favorite country artist. While the artists you listed are all very talented and high caliber, they are not my favorites.