Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Great news in Fowler

It appears that the Colorado Legislature has approved "chumming" the waters during hippie punching season, and I couldn't be happier.  There is nothing more deflating than spending the day in a tree stand waiting for a hippie to arrive so I can punch them in the face.

According to this news account, I won't have to worry about a lack of hippies during my next trip to my home town.

Tuesday, at 11:00 a.m., a news conference, with Sierra Club in Fowler's Gerard Park, will celebrate Mayor Ray Ward's commitment to reduce the town's global warming pollution by putting into place local energy solutions which save taxpayer dollars and reduce energy use.

The Sierra Club praised Mayor Ward for signing on to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, joining other mayors nationwide who are taking real action to re-energize their communities with proven innovative local energy solutions such as cleaner car fleets, energy efficiency and renewable energy.
"Mayor Ward and Fowler's City officials are to be commended for their leadership in curbing the city's global warming pollution," said Jenny Kedward, Chair of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club. "But if Fowler is going to be a "cool" city and meet its new pollution reduction goals by 2012, Fowler will need to expand existing energy and taxpayer-saving solutions to include making buildings more energy efficient and investing in renewable energy."

Today's news conference is part of the Sierra Club's national "Cool Cities" campaign to encourage cities to take action to solve global warming one city at a time.

The Sierra Club has released a new guide, "Cool Cities: Solving Global Warming One City at a Time." a resource for citizens and local officials who are ready to take action to reduce energy waste and heat-trapping global warming pollution. The guide is available online at sierraclub.org/coolcities.

I'm going to assume that the "Sierra Club" is a front for some hippie punching coalition, and I'm going to make a monetary donation to their cause as a thanks for increasing the hippie population in my hometown.

I'm also going to commend Mayor Ray "Bushy" Ward for his innovative leadership.  In these times of economic unease, it is comforting to know that there are leaders in this country finding new ways to quench their citizenry's need for hippie-face punching.  Well done, sir.

(Thanks to Friar Tuck for pointing this story out.  And thanks to Frank J. for introducing me to the great sport of Hippie-Face Punching).


  1. I went to the press conference. Our mayor did not make it to the festivities. The city manager stood in.

  2. Well, with a name like Bushy, he's got to have a busy schedule.

  3. I believe this post to be the most showing example so far of who you are as a person and what your comedic voice sounds like. -Rach